Agricultural Business Minor

You can supplement any major at Truman with an agricultural business minor to gain insight about the economic structure of the food and fiber system.

Add Breadth and Depth to Your Studies

Whether you plan to pursue a career in lending, consulting, sales, or run your own business, having a broad understanding of marketing techniques, livestock and grain commodities, financing, and the economics of agriculture adds valuable information to your knowledge base.

Unique Learning Environment

Located about a mile from campus, the 400-acre University Farm is open to all students. Activities at the farm range from classwork to research to recreation. At Truman, you discover connections between classroom learning and the real world through team projects, study groups, service learning, research, professional internships, and study abroad.

Close-Knit Community

At Truman, you’re not lost in a sea of students. With our small classes, you work closely with other highly motivated students, and you get to know your professors on a one-on-one basis.  Your professors are eager to share their knowledge and also provide advice and guidance to ensure your success.

Broaden Your Career Opportunities

When you add an agricultural business minor to your intellectual pursuits, you gain a marketable benefit especially if you’re planning a career in production agriculture, agribusiness, agricultural entrepreneurship, rural banking, and many other fields. If you’re interested in pursuing a graduate degree in economics, business, or related fields, you will also be well prepared for advanced studies.

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