Agricultural Studies Minor

Broaden your educational experience by pursuing an agricultural studies minor to gain a broad overview of agricultural and environmental sciences.

Pursue Your Individual Interests

Our flexible curriculum lets you focus on the agricultural area that interests you—whether it’s horticulture, forage crops, or livestock—you have the freedom to choose classes that intrigue you the most. Enhance your communication and critical-thinking skills and learn how peoples’ values have an impact on the land, water, and food. Explore challenging issues like the plight of the hungry and the difficulties of feeding them—knowledge that empowers you to become an engaged citizen.

Lively Community of Learners

With our small classes, you’re part of a close-knit community. It’s easy to form close relationships with other highly motivated students as well as professors who want to help you succeed.  You can count on them to challenge you, care for you, and work beside you toward a common goal of creating a better world.

Conduct Research with a Faculty Mentor

The close proximity of the University Farm gives you access to a broad range of educational activities. At Truman, you can work on ongoing research or delve into an area that piques your curiosity—some research possibilities include beef cattle, sheep, horses, crops, soil conservation, horticulture, agricultural economics and rural sociology. And you also have access to labs and equipment in our modern science facility.

Intellectual Pursuits That Bolster Your Career Options

When combined with any major offered at Truman, an agricultural studies minor enhances your preparation for a wide range of careers or further study in graduate or professional schools.

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