Anthropology Minor

No matter what major you are pursuing at Truman, you can increase the multicultural dimension of your degree with a minor in anthropology. When you study sociology/anthropology (SOAN), you enhance your critical thinking and writing and research skills, as well as your cultural awareness.

Thought-Provoking Learning Environment

Anthropologists are naturally curious. We like to examine humanity from all angles. Learn how to understand humanity’s past, present and future by studying anthropology’s four main subdisciplines:  sociocultural, archaeological, biological, and linguistic anthropology, as well as a fifth, more recent addition, applied anthropology.  Learning is better with friends and mentors, and our small classes allow you to collaborate with others who share your interests.

Broad Educational Path

At Truman, you have plenty of opportunities to enrich your education outside of class. Increase your worth in the job market by gaining practical experience through independent research, field schools, internships, and study abroad.

Career Preparation That Makes a Difference

Anthropology provides an understanding of the basics of cultural variation that’s useful in a broad range of fields such as medicine, law, counseling, nursing, and nutrition. An increased sensitivity to ethnic and population diversity also facilitates working in international settings.